Basic information of the sector

The main administrative authority of the system of Latvian State Archives is the Ministry of Culture.  Directorate General of the State Archives of Latvia, 15 state archives and the Central Microphotocopying and Document Restoration Laboratory are under its supervision.

The mission of the institutions of the system is to ensure accumulation, preservation and access to the national documentary heritage, which has originated in the territory of Latvia during the period of independence, as well as during its accession to other states or occupational powers.

By implementing the state policy in the sector of archives documentary evidence on the formation of the Latvian nation, state and continuity are being retained. The institutions of the system oversees the state and self-government bodies and assists them in document management and preparation for permanent deposit in the state archives, cooperate with non – governmental organizations in Latvia and in countries of domicile of Latvians abroad in preservation of the documentary heritage created during their operation.

Every member of society may obtain and use the documents accumulated in the state archives and information to protect their rights and interests, as well as information on the history of Latvia in respect to its politics, social and cultural history. The State Archives provide the researchers an opportunity to use archive documents in the archive search rooms, carry out work on client requests, provide archive information, document copies, as well as consultations on the issues of usage of and access to archive documentation.     By stimulating the interest of society in the national documentary heritage of Latvia, the bodies of state archive system both independently and in cooperation with scientific and cultural bodies implement measures and projects to publicize authentic documents and invite the interested parties to attend excursions, seminars and lectures in the state archives.

Directorate General of Latvian State Archives
Address: Ata iela 1, Riga, LV-1012,
Phone: 7272176
Fax: 7294400

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