Bilateral Fund

Facilitation of bilateral relations between Latvian and Donor state institutions

Available financing

The total amount of Programme financing available within the Bilateral fund is €176 815, constituted by €150 293 from the EEA Financial Mechanism and €26 522 from the national state budget.

Supported activities

Activities supported before the project submission within the small grant scheme open calls (Measure “A”):

  • Organization of events, corresponding to the objective of the Bilateral fund (only for the Programme Operator);
  • Attending the events corresponding to the objective of the Bilateral fund, organized by the Programme Operator, in search for suitable project partners.

Activities supported during the implementation of approved projects (Measure B):

  • Creation and maintenance of cooperation networks, exchange of experience and knowledge, as well as visiting the Donor partners in their respective countries, attending seminars and conferences related to the objective of the project and the Programme.

Division of financing within the measures

Facilitation of bilateral relations before the project submission or “Measure A” shall receive 60% of the Bilateral fund financing.

Facilitation of bilateral relations during the implementation of the projects shall receive 40% of the Bilateral fund financing.

Entities entitled to financial support

Within the “Measure A” the potential project applicants, as well as the potential project partners from the Donor states will be entitled to receive support (participation in the partnership making seminars, as well as arriving at them).

Not more than 1 person's participation per institution is supported at the seminars.

Within the “Measure B” the approved project applicants will be entitled to receive support (visiting the project partners, participation in seminars and conferences etc.).