Small grant schemes

Conservation of Cultural Heritage


Available financing

The total amount of Programme financing available within the small grant scheme is €1 287 928.

Supported activities and criteria

The objective of the small grant scheme is to renovate and preserve the cultural heritage, especially wooden and Art Nouveau architecture and its interior elements.

The facility in question has to be an architectural monument of state or local significance.

As a result of the project a new cultural function or improvement of the existing cultural function has to be introduced in the facility. The supported cultural sectors are: music, dance, theater, circus, visual and audiovisual art, design, photography, literature and cinema.

Project promoters

Entities that are entitled to submit a project application:

  • municipalities or municipality institutions (and not associations) that own an architectural, especially wooden or Art Nouveau, monument;
  • state budget institutions that own, possess or use an architectural monument, especially of wooden or Art Nouveau architecture, for a term not less than five years after the completion of a project.


The project applicant may submit a project on its own or together with a cooperation partner or partners from the Donor states or the Beneficiary states (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta).

Project financing

The financing of the approved projects will be made of the Programme’s financing and the financing of the project promoter.

The co-financing of the Programme is constituted by 85% of the EEA Financial Mechanism and 15% of the national state budget.

The maximal rate of Programme co-financing per project will be defined according to the legal status of project promoter, i.e., 100% from the project eligible expenditures for state budget entities and 95% from the project eligible expenditures for municipality entities.

The rest of the project eligible expenditures shall be covered by the project promoter. The minimal amount of confinancing: 0% for state budget entities and 5% for municipality entities.

The minimal amount of Programme financing available per project is €50 000, and maximal -
€250 000.

The Ministry of Culture of Latvia - Programme Operator of the programme "Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage" – has launched the calls for proposals for the small grant schemes "Conservation of cultural heritage" and "Cultural exchange"