EU Structural Funds

The administration of the Structural Funds (ERDF) of the Ministry of Culture in EU funds 2014-2020 programming period

The Ministry of Culture is one of the Responsible Authorities in Latvia involved in European Union's (EU) Structural Funds administration within the EU funds 2014-2020 Programming period. The Ministry of Culture participates in the administration and supervision of European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) co-financed projects. In the Ministry of Culture Responsible authority’s functions for the administration of the EU structural funds implements Financial Instrument development division and EU funds monitoring division of the EU Funds Department.

The Ministry of Culture within the EU funds 2014-2020 Programming period ensures administration of the following specific support objectives (SO):

  • 5.5.1. “To preserve, protect and develop important cultural and natural heritage, as well as to develop related services”;
  • 5.6.1. „Promotion of revitalisation of urban areas in Riga, ensuring efficient socioeconomic use of the area”.

Within the EU funds 2014-2020 Programming period more than 115 million EUR is available for the Ministry of Culture from the ERDF co-financing. Funding will be granted for the development and conservation of important cultural and natural heritage objects throughout the territory of Latvia, as well as for the revitalization of degraded objects and territories of Riga, rebuilding small-scale public, cultural and sport’s infrastructure objects.

The investments will be focused on maintaining, protecting and developing currently insufficiently used cultural and natural heritage sites and objects, making them more attractive and accessible to citizens and tourists, as well as expanding its substantial offer and finding them new functions, in order to promote its qualitative use. Whereas, in the process of revitalization of degraded objects and territories of Riga, the new urban areas will be developed, economic and social activity will be promoted as well as further degradation of the territories will be prevented.