The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the development and implementation of integration policy in Latvia.

The purpose of integration policy is to create circumstances under which people in Latvia can collaborate in achieving common goals and developing society where everyone feels safe, can expand their talents, work and learn.

Enhancement of intercultural dialogue, the exchange of experiences and beliefs as well as maintaining strong social bonds are important tasks for achieving a prosperous and democratic society.

In the context of integration, the Latvian language and preservation of national cultural traditions play a big role, both in Latvia and diaspora countries.

Active society strengthens democracy, national identity and the sense of belonging to Latvia. Therefore it is important to increase awareness about values, promote media literacy and involve people in important processes of decision-making. A cornerstone of democracy is strong, independent and professional media that provide high-quality and trustworthy information.

In the process of developing a cohesive society, the Ministry of Culture works closely together with other state and non-governmental institutions.


Summary of the Guidelines for the Development of a Cohesive and Civically Active Society for 2021-2027

Action Plan for the reduction of racism and anti-Semitism for 2023