The building of the The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia is the state governed institution, which organizes and coordinates state culture policy, social integration policy and media policy. The Ministry of Culture operates pursuant to the regulations of the Ministry of Culture, the declaration of the Cabinet of Ministers and the basic principals of the State culture policy.

The central apparatus of the Ministry of Culture consists of three (3) departments: Cultural Policy Department, Social Integration Department and European Union Funds Department.

There are 14 independent divisions at The Ministry of Culture: International Cooperation and European Union Policy Division, Public Relations Division, Personnel Division, Document Management Division, Legal Division, Budget Division, Bookkeeping and Accounts Division, Procurement Division, IT Division, Internal Audit Division, Copyright Division, Investment and Projects Division, Archives, Libraries and Museums Division, Media Policy Division and Office Latvia 100.

The Ministry of Culture has the following areas of responsibility: Copyrights and Neighbouring Rights, Libraries, Museums, Music, Fine Art, Folk Art and non - material heritage, Theatre, Literature, Film Art, Cultural Education, Protection of Monuments, Archives, Architecture, Design, Creative Industries and Dancing Art.