Basic information of the sector

Responsibility areas of the Ministry in the field of creative industries are:

  • Provide participation of Latvia and represent the interests of Latvia on international level – in international organizations, partnerships, committees and working groups regarding cultural and creative industries issues;
  • Inform the society and raise awareness about the issues related to cultural and creative industries;
  • Draft policy documents and regulatory enactments in the field of creative industries;
  • Establish partnerships and cooperate with competent state, local government and private institutions on the development issues of creative industries;
  • Cultural and creative industries education (responsible institution - Latvian National Centre for Culture)
  • Collect statistics regarding cultural and creative industries in Latvia;
  • Develop and submit proposals on establishing of expert commissions, councils and working groups related to the topical issues of creative industries;
  • Accumulate and analyze information on the status of creative industries in the country;
  • Analyze the documents of the European Union and other institutions in the field of creative industries and draft proposals for such documents.

Decisive role in the implementation of creative industries policy is played by successful inter-institutional cooperation. Other state institutions and non-governmental organizations are also involved in the policy planning and implementation.


Lāsma Krastiņa-Sidorenko

Head of Creative Industries Division
Lasma.Krastina-Sidorenko [at]