Basic information of the sector

Architecture – a sector of the creative industry forming the human living space and incorporating artistic, functional, technological, social, economic and ecological aspects of the spacial environment in a broader sense – from the construction of the city and planning of the territory to individual buildings and their external and internal design, improvement and equipping.

The architecture of Latvia is an integral part of the national identity and Northern European culture. It forms the spacial identity of the region and attests to the special quality in the historical and modern architectural context, as well as shows successful examples of interpretation of the archetypical values of the region. The architecture of Latvia is characterised by high interior design culture and traditions.

The Ministry of Culture provides support to the development of the architectural sector by granting funding for the delegation of the State functions in the architectural sector, organisation of the process of the Latvian Architecture Awards, participation of Latvia in the international Venice Architecture Biennale and other directions of action.


Dzintra Purviņa

Expert in Design and Architecture
Dzintra.Purvina [at]