The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the development and coordination the national media policy to promote freedom of expression in Latvia.

The overarching goal of the Latvian media policy is a strong, diverse, professional, transparent, sustainable and stable media environment, in which:

  • high quality content reflecting constitutional values and meeting the needs of Latvian society can be established at the national, regional and local level, in Latvian language as a priority,

  • the diverse interests of the main stakeholders of the industry and media professionals are well balanced,

  • the audience has access to independent and credible information and is highly media literate.

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Latvian National Media Policy Guidelines and their Implementation Plan in November 2016. The Guidelines focus on the following aspects:

  • diversity of media environment,
  • quality and accountability of the media environment,
  • education and training of media professionals,
  • development of media literacy,
  • resilience of the media environment.



Kristers Pļešakovs

Head of Media Policy Division
Kristers.Plesakovs [at]