EU Creative Europe programme 2014-2020 is in its final phase and it will continue its activities in a new period - 2021-2027, in which previously known calls and new calls will be announced, specializing in the new challenges of the cultural and creative industries.

In December 14, 2020 the Commission has welcomed the political agreement reached between the European Parliament and EU Member States on the new Creative Europe programme (2021‑2027). Trilogue negotiations have now concluded, pending the final approval of the legal texts by the European Parliament and the Council.

The Creative Europe programme is the main instrument for supporting the cultural and creative industries in the EU, the only programme the EU has developed specifically to support them. With a dedicated budget of more than €2.4 billion, made up of €1.8 billion in current prices and an additional top-up of €0.6 billion in 2018 prices, the new programme will continue to promote cultural and linguistic diversity, heritage and competitiveness, and will allow cultural and creative organisations and professionals to co-create and cooperate across borders and to reach wider audiences, tackling current societal questions and supporting emerging artists.

For the first time, the news media sector will be supported throughout different actions promoting media literacy, pluralism and media freedom under the cross-sectoral strand.

Creative Europe supports:

  • Subprogrammes "Culture" and "MEDIA"
  • European awards in Literature, Architecture, Cultural heritage, Pop music and Cinema

  • European Capitals of Culture

  • Creative Europe desks

  • EU - wide cultural policy conferences

  • EU-wide studies and evaluations

  • Publicity and promotion of the programme

Information about the programme

Calls will be launched in the new Funding&Tenders portal: