Dance as a powerful creator of the public cultural environment in its diverse expressions take a stable position in the cultural heritage and creative life of Latvia. Latvia may be proud of excellent dance traditions proved by the world famous Latvian ballet dancers (Mihails Barisnikovs, Maris Liepa), and unique folk dance patterns at the concert locations crowded with spectators.

The only state-financed professional ballet institution - the Latvian National Ballet - functions as a part of the Latvian National Opera founded in 1919. The Latvian National Ballet annually includes in its repertoire the performances staged based on the classical ballet traditions and contemporary ballet stylistics, attracting also word-famous choreographers.

A dance in Latvia is one of the most popular types of amateur movement, traditionally reaching peak of its activity during the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration.

The amateur movement of dance in Latvia in the area of folk art is coordinated by the Latvian National Centre for Culture.