Dosta! Go beyond prejudice, meet the Roma!

Dosta means ”enough” in the variant of the Romani language spoken in the Balkans where the campaign was initiated. It is also a Council of Europe awareness raising campaign which aims to bring non-Roma closer to Roma citizens by breaking down the barriers caused by prejudices and stereotypes.

Although Roma have been in Europe since at least the 14th century, they are not always recognised by the majority society as a fullyfledged European people. Many Roma communities today live in very difficult conditions, and their participation in public life is extremely limited.

Over recent years some progress has been made for improving the economic and social development of Roma in Europe. However, these efforts are often facing severe obstacles caused by deeply-rooted beliefs and prejudices.

”Dosta!” means that we want to stop prejudices and sterotypes not by denouncing them but by breaking them, showing who the Roma are.