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    Marika Zeimule

    Head of Minister's Office
    Marika.Zeimule [at]

    Inga Vasiļjeva

    Adviser to the Minister for Culture, Public Relations Specialist
    Inga.Vasiljeva [at]

    Marija Luīze Ratniece

    Assistant to the Minister
    MarijaLuize.Ratniece [at]

    Jānis Lielpēteris

    Media Policy Advisor to the Minister for Culture
    Janis.Lielpeteris [at]

    Iveta Smane

    Consultant -
    Iveta.Smane [at]

    Anete Kurzemniece

    Counsellor of the Ministry of Culture at the Permanent Representation of Latvia to the EU
    Anete.Kurzemniece [at]

    Jeļena Šaicāne

    Head of Social Integration Department
    Jelena.Saicane [at]

    Anita Kleinberga

    Head of Social Integration and Civil Society Development Division
    Anita.Kleinberga [at]

    Ilona Jekele

    Senior Officer
    Ilona.Jekele [at]

    Ieva Arndte-Kokare

    Senior Officer
    Ieva.Arndte-Kokare [at]
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    1 - 20 from 111