The diaspora of Latvia consists of Latvians and residents of Latvia who themselves or their ancestors due to various reasons voluntarily or forced by the circumstances during various times have left Latvia or the current territory of Latvia, and who are aware of their affiliation, as well as maintain, wish to maintain or could wish to maintain contact with Latvia and Latvians.

The Latvian State – government, local governments, society, individuals – cooperate with the diaspora (formerly also called – exile) organisations to provide support in mastering the language, learning culture and traditions because they form the basis helping to create understanding of the Latvian identity and identify themselves with the native country of their ancestors.

The guidelines of the national identity, civil society and integration policy characterise the outstanding matters for the cooperation with Latvians abroad. The action direction “National Identity: Language and Cultural Space” of the Guideline implementation plan (for the period until 2016) contains specific measures for the cooperation with the diaspora and support of the measures taken by the diaspora organisations for strengthening of identity and ties with Latvia and learning of culture, language and traditions.