Conservation of Historic Monuments

In the Republic of Latvia public administration in the field of cultural heritage (cultural monument) protection and utilization is provided by the Cabinet of Ministers and implemented by the State Inspection for Heritage Protection, which is under supervision of the Minister of Culture. Cultural monuments in Latvia are divided into five typological groups: archaeological monuments, architecture and urban construction monuments, monuments of art, industrial monuments, sites of historical events.

The jurisdiction of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection in the field of protection of cultural monuments is to:

  • Implement public control in the protection of cultural monuments;

  • Carry out national record keeping, gather information and study cultural heritage;

  • Revise documentation on the works related to cultural monuments,

  • Issue instructions to cultural monument owners on utilization and preservation of the respective cultural monument;

  • To issue permits of a certain type for conservation, renovation, repair and reconstruction of cultural monuments;

  • To carry out expert evaluation of art and antiquity objects, issue permits for their removal to other countries;

  • To finance the work of researching, conservation and renovation of cultural monuments from specifically assigned funds;

  • Suspend economic activities, provided the regulations on the protection of cultural monuments are not respected and the cultural monument is endangered, to administer penalties, bring action in respect to payment for damages.


State Inspection for Heritage Protection. Adress: Mazā Pils iela 19, Riga, LV-1050. Phone: +371 67229272, e-mail, web