Cultural organisations - public and private - are currently actively postponing the events. Information about the canceled and postponed events is available at and
You can seek reimbursement after the exipiration of the emergency situation.

Citizens failing to comply with the restrictions and bans issued by the government may be penalised with a fine of up to EUR 350 (Administrative Violations Code Article 176(2)).
The State Police in collaboration with the Municipal Police will monitor public areas where people may assemble, as well as react accordingly to incoming information, assessing possible violations. The State Police urges citizens to be responsible and adhere to the precautionary measures introduced. Each case will be evaluated separately. The objective of the precautionary measures is mainly to prevent and stop mass assemblies of people. Penalties will be issued for violation of these restrictions.

Persons distributing fake news may be held responsible under Section 231 of the Criminal Law. The internet and digital space are not separate from the physical world. The same rules that apply to the physical world also apply to the internet. Distribution of fake news is classified as hooliganism, a disturbance of the public order, carrying criminal liability or, in some cases, administrative liability.