Citizens of the third countries are invited to join free courses

Non-governmental organisation “Innovation Support Centre” (“Inovāciju atbalsta centrs”) has started registration for interesting free integration courses.

This is a part of a project, aimed to provide integration courses to Riga’s and Latgale’s regions inhabitants. Up to 360 citizens of the third countries* (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, China, India, Kazakhstan and others) legally staying in Latvia, are invited to participate.

To apply for courses, visit website, or call on the number: +371 26172018.

Integration courses (28 academic hours) will include several interesting topics, necessary to know for living in Latvia:

  • History, culture and traditions of Latvia;
  • Political system;
  • Access to social support, education and healthcare;
  • Employment and entrepreneurship (practical examples of tax calculation, declaration of income and expenses, creation of a business plan).

Courses will be led by knowing and competent employees of The State Revenue Service, as well as other professionals, working in different fields and structures of public administration.

Courses will be available in several languages. Expected start of the course - 28.08.2017.

The project will include also three socializing events for participants to promote intercultural communication.

Integration courses in Latgale’s region will be carried out in collaboration with other non-governmental organisations - “Ritineitis” (Balvi), “Latgolys entuziastu grupa “Biļdis” (Rezekne).

Integration courses and other events are taking place as part of the project “WE - in Latvia” (Grant Agreement No. PMIF/8/2017/1/07).

Implementation time 01.07.2017. – 31.12.2018. Project receives financial assistance from The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (75%) and Latvian state budget (25%).


Information prepared:
Project manager I.Janisha

*Citizen of a third country – a person, who is not a citizen of European Union, European Economic Area or Swiss Confederacy.