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Inviting to learn on how libraries and museums can support us in achieving the goals of sustainable development, the online event "Libraries and museums as a safe space for dialogue and information literacy" will take place on 13 July. The event is organized by the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Cros-Sectoral Coordination Centre, Latvian National commission for UNESCO, the Latvian National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

The event will highlight libraries and museums as excellent partners for everyone who works towards sustainable development goals.

It will take place within the framework of the UN High-Level Sustainable Development Policy Forum, in which Latvia will present the Report on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Latvia from 2018 to 2022

At a time, when society is becoming more polarized and fragmented, culture is able to address people's minds and hearts through other means of expression than politicians, scientists or the media. It promotes a respectful dialogue in society on a wide variety of topics.

During the online event "Libraries and museums as a safe space for dialogue and information literacy" with lectures on museums and libraries as reliable partners in the implementation of sustainable development goals, the following experts will participate:

• museum expert and member of the ICOM Sustainable Development Working Group, Mr Henry McGhie,

Ms Kristīne Pabērza-Ramires, head of the IFLA project "World Library Map",

• Professor at the University of the United Arab Emirates, information literacy expert Ms Maha Bashri.

Ms Tetyana Hrančak (Тетяна Гранчак), a member of the board of the Ukrainian Library Association, Mr Edgardo Civallero (Ecuador's Galapagos Islands) representative of the Charles Darwin Foundation, and Ms Lolita Thomsone (Latvia), head of the Žanis Lipke Memorial, will share their experience in uniting communities, promoting peace and media literacy. Moderator of the event – Mr Uldis Zariņš, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture.

The event will be held in English only. It will be streamed on the Youtube and Facebook sites of the Ministry of Culture, and it will offer viewers the opportunity to express their opinion and ask questions to the participants.

Time of the thematic event: 20.00 Riga, Kyiv/ 19.00 Brussels/ 18.00 London/ 13.00 New York

Link to the event: Libraries and museums as a safe space for dialogue and information literacy".