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    Minister's Office

    Marika.Zeimule [at]

    State Secretary

    Dace.Vilsone [at]

    Parlamentary secretary

    +371 67330292
    pasts [at]

    Investment and Projects Division

    Juris.Sumeiko [at]

    Procurement Division

    Ligita.Raubena [at]

    Personnel Division

    Agnese.Zute [at]

    Media Policy Division

    Kristers.Plesakovs [at]

    Cultural Policy Department

    Laura.Turlaja [at]

    Legal Division

    Inese.Dulke [at]

    IT Division

    Niks.Belakovs [at]

    Internal Audit Division

    Elina.Kauzena [at]

    Bookkeeping and Accounts Division

    Ligita.Romane [at]

    EU Funds Department

    Zanda.Saulite [at]

    Document Management Division

    Kristine.Liepina [at]

    Budget Division

    Barba.Krisjane [at]

    Copyright Division

    Ilona.Petersone [at]