TABAKAS FABRIKA – Next-level creative hub in former Tobacco Factory

The spacious premises (11 000 m2) of TABAKAS FABRIKA (former Tobacco factory located in Miera Street 58, Riga, Latvia) allow to set up a multi-disciplinary space where versatile support is provided to cultural and creative industries operators; a platform that facilitates interregional exchange of innovative educational models and best practice in entrepreneurship and promotes cooperation of SMEs and educational institutions in cultural and creative industries. This hub will aim at researching and testing of new educational models in cultural and creative industries in the region. It is a space saturated also with exhibitions, concerts, festivals, screenings, performing arts shows, conferences, seminars and workshops.

TABAKAS FABRIKA is foreseen to become a multifunctional and innovative cultural and creative industries quarter which will be home for regional representatives of cultural and creative industries, space for creative entrepreneurship, space for education and research, as well as an open and accessible cultural and creative quarter for the people in the region, fulfilling the socially important function and improving the quality of life of the citizens. TABAKAS FABRIKA creative hub aims to replicate and develop this initiative in the Baltic Sea Region and the Northern Dimension to foster sustainable cultural and creative industries development throughout the countries of the Region and provide contribution for future economic growth.

Creativity Week CREATE!

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the British Council along with their collaboration partners each year organize the Creativity Week “Create!”

The aim of the Creativity Week “Create!” is

  • to show the creative potential, experience, and achievements of Latvia,
  • as well as to foster understanding and interest in the sector of creative and cultural industries, education promoting creativity, innovations and knowledge-based economy, and creative administration,
  • and trans/cross-sectoral link formation and strengthening for the harmonious development of creativity and growth of the individual and the state.

The initiators of the Creativity Week are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the British Council, while the number of strategic partners increased considerably and includes the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MEPRG), Ministry of Economics (ME), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Latvian National Commission for UNESCO (LNC UNESCO), Centre for Culture Education and Non-material Heritage (CCENMH), Latvian Institute (LI), Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (IDAL), State Chancellery, as well as the Foundation Riga 2014.

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