Cultural ambassadors

The Latvian cultural ambassador program has been implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture since 2012 by the Latvian National Cultural Center. The Latvian cultural ambassador training model is based on two international British Council programs – “Intercultural Navigators”

and “Active Citizens”. The program has trained Latvian cultural ambassadors in cooperation with the various ethnic communities in relation to ethnic Latvian culture and its interaction with ethnic minority cultures.

Trainees develop knowledge of cultural diversity, identity and societal cohesion, which serves as the basis for establishment and development of various partnerships (Latvians and ethnic minorities),as well as gaining the initiative for further work.

After completing the training program, cultural ambassadors use the acquired knowledge to organize training for local communities and non-governmental organizations wishing to participate in shaping better living conditions and favorable environment in their own village, town or region.


European traces in Latvia

The project “European traces in Latvia” (“Eiropas pēdas Latvijā”) has been organized since 2014. Its aim is to encourage cooperation between children and youth (especially ethnic minorities) in a creative, modern and interactive way and to help identify Latvia as part of the European cultural space, where its historic cultural heritage (art, architecture, music, cuisine, etc.) has left its mark and its presence can still be felt today.

Children and youth who were involved in the project created videos about evidence of European culture, or traces, in their city and region, as well as participated in erudition competitions about the European Union. In a geocaching race, participants of the project team attracted more than 300 students from various Latvian schools. Using geocaching principles, hiding geocaches and searching for other team geocaches, project participants searched for and marked Europe’s traces in Latvia. By promoting European cultural values and an appreciation for diversity, the project „European traces in Latvia” promotes minority culture belonging to Latvia and Europe, as well as strengthens youth minority participation in building a democratic society.