Decisive role in the implementation of creative industries policy is played by successful inter-institutional cooperation. Other state institutions and non-governmental organizations are also involved in the policy planning and implementation.
In Latvia the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Education and Science as well as institutions subordinated to these ministries are responsible for the development of creative industries.

State institutions

Latvian National Centre for Culture – responsible for cultural and creative industries education

In 2012, 149 vocational, 25 secondary vocational and 19 higher educational establishments for cultural education are part of the educational system of Latvia with a specific gradation and succession of the educational programs.
The mentioned educational establishments provide education for professional artists, musicians, dancers, culture specialists and pedagogical staff. The system of cultural education includes state, local and private educational establishments. The Ministry of Culture develops the sector policy, whereas its implementation is coordinated by the Latvian National Centre for Culture.

National Film Center of Latvia
The National Film Center of Latvia is a state institution subordinated to the Minister of Culture, and its goal is to implement the state cultural policy in the film industry. The National Film Centre of Latvia provides state support to films and projects related to film industry, promotes development of the film industry of Latvia, film – making, demonstration and dissemination, takes part in the coordination, planning and implementation of the measures, projects and programs of the Ministry of Culture related to the film industry, promotes cooperation with the EU member states and other countries in the field of cinematography, fosters acquisition of international experience by the representatives of the Latvian film industry, carries out registration, accumulates and analyzes information on film production, dissemination and public demonstration.

Centre for Culture Information Systems
The mission of the for Culture Information Systems of the Ministry of Culture is to assist memory institutions – archives, libraries and museums to preserve and make accessible the cultural heritage for the generations to come by way of applying the most advanced IT solutions. The goal of the Agency is to supply archives, libraries and museums with the requisite IT resources, enabling them to preserve cultural values and make them available to the community.

The State Culture Capital Foundation
The SCCF is a public establishment, with the aim to promote a balanced development of creativity in all fields of art and preservation of the cultural heritage in the country in conjunction with the guidelines of the state cultural policy. The foundation raises, accumulates, administers and allocates resources for the implementation of culture projects and life-long grants for culture and art workers for their life achievements in development of culture and art. The Foundation does not carry out commercial activities and its purpose is not to obtain profit.

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) is a state institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia. It has been founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization, state holding company “State Development Agency”, which was reorganized in 2003 and became the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. The profile of LIAA services is very wide – from information on how to start business, different state support programs and opportunities to attract funding, including entrepreneurial support for those wishing to start export operations and looking for cooperation abroad.

Non – governmental organizations

Cooperation with non-governmental organizations is very significant, especially in the sector of creative industries.

Design Inovation Center
Latvian Designers’ Association
The Latvia Association of Architects